Vad säger gymägare och tränare?

Jamie Parrish, ägare av Georgia Allstars, har gjort en lång statusuppdatering på Facebook. Tycker alla borde läsa igenom den, om ni är intresserade av dessa regeländringar. Vet inte varför texten blir så liten, men den går ju att läsa i alla fall...
I know everyone is really up-in-arms about the recent USASF rules changes. As a former FOUNDING member of the NACCC, I was very taken aback today by what happened. I have been on both sides of the rules process, and I can say firsthand that the process is not nearly as cut and dry as it seems. So many passionate people discussing the sport they love; the sport in which they make their living, can sometimes cause major drama – and can be a huge mess.
There are so many factors that come into the making of these rules: ER statistics, Insurance company suggestions, Risk Management Studies, Concussion studies, ACL/MCL statistics, etc. There have been several Concussion studies finished over the last year, and many injury reports that have pointed to standing tumbling and bounding skills as the primary cause for injury in our sport. These same statistics put our sport at the upper echelon of all sports in regards to injury.
I was totally unaware of these statistics until I was recently interviewed by a local news agency doing a story on cheerleading injury. Jim Lord sent me several studies that have been recently published. I consider myself very “in the know” regarding our sport, and very in touch with the rules. I was shocked at what I read. I had no idea about the staggering numbers regarding injury.
With that said, if the USASF board assessed this information and made a hard call decision based off of this information, I can try to make myself understand that this as a necessary evil.

However, I do have a few bones to pick. We went to DRASTIC measures to form the NACCC. We came together as a community, and put into motion the first group effort for the sport of all-star cheerleading. Then we were enveloped by the USASF, but only after agreeing to a democratic process in which rules would be changed/made.
I feel like today, everything I worked for in those early years was taken away from me. I worked for a transparent rules process. I worked for a democratic, idea driven process in which all gyms’ voices could be heard.
Today’s non-transparent announcement, by a select few in our industry, has made a mockery of our process. The process that we all believed in. The process, although it had it’s problems, and had it’s loopholes, was OUR process. Bring your issues to congress, vote on the issues, and clear it through the Safety Committee, and ultimately the Board of the USASF.
Today’s announcement started with the caboose.
I am in no way saying I don’t agree with the decisions made; but I vehemently disagree with the way in which these rules changes were determined.
I have given literally thousands of hours of my time, and lot’s of my personal monies to start the NACCC. It was a vision of several people, Elaine, Joelle, Victor, Kristen, and myself. Today that vision came to an end. It is no longer a community effort. There were decisions made today by a group of people that used their elected seats on the USASF board to push a secret agenda through, with no care or concern about the transparency of the process.
While I again say, “they are probably right in their message and may have made the right decisions for the betterment of our industry” – I on the other hand say “Shame on you. Shame on you for not including me and my fellow coaches on this decision. “
I do not know what will ultimately happen with these rules. I can only hope that the discussion regarding these changes was exhaustive. I hope that this was not a “fly-by-night” quickly thought-out decision.
I cancelled my room at Doral for the NACCC meeting. I will no longer be a part of the rules making process. I will no longer expend one more ounce of my energy on a process that is so wrapped up in bureaucratic tape that nothing ever seems what it is, and nothing can be taken at face value.
I will instead take this energy and give it back to my kids. I will find ways to fill this void in their skill set. I will find ways to be more creative, and try to stand out amongst my peers. And at the end of the day, we will not care who can do a standing full. There were no double fulls and standing fulls when I fell in love with this sport. There were no crop tops. I still fell in love with cheerleading anyway. If it can happen to me, it can happen to the next generation of cheerleaders, and I for one will make sure of it.
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